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1 rating

This location is horrible. So two visits ago, I remotely check-in, arrive at the time it recommended for me and signed in when I got there. My wait time still showed 14 or 15 minutes. So, I waited. Two people came in after me and they both were serviced before me. I figured they probably remotely checked in too and maybe before me. So I waited some more. Finally, the manager, cut my hair. I left frustrated with the check-in process and also slightly disappointed in my haircut. So today I come back and request first available instead of the requesting the manager. I did not bother remotely checking-in because it did me no good last time. I signed-in and it says 12 minutes for the wait time. So I waited. I was on my phone reading for about 5 minutes and look up to see my time was now 17 minutes. I noticed an employee had left during that 5 minutes so I figured it had probably made an adjustment for one few employees working. At this point, I have 17 minutes and decided I could run my other errand to Lowes across the parking lot. So, I run my errand, which took about 20 minutes, On returning, I expected to be at the top of the list. No such luck; I still had a 12 or so minute wait. Meanwhile, a couple of employees who were freed up were talking behind the counter with the manager with absolutely no sense of urgency in spite of several people in the queue waiting. After 3-4 minutes, two employees eventually broke free from their little social gathering and took the next two customers in the queue. Another customer walks in, signs in and sits down. A minute or two later, another employee frees up, calls that other customers name and starts working on his hair. Meanwhile, I'm still sitting there with a 6-minute wait. At this point, I got up, requested my Season pass card from their box and vowed to never return. I drove all the way to the Sports Clips at Custer/380 - I had prepaid for the season pass and had five punches left. I checked in with a 14 minute wait time. I waited about 10 minutes and they were ready for me. Debbie was fantastic and did a great job cutting my hair. I've been a Sports Clips season pass customer for years. Most of my experience has been with the Custer/380 location and I have always had great service there. Due to a move, I'm now closer to the McKinney Town Crossing location. However, I will never return there. No sense of urgency, bad haircuts and horrible queue management. Go somewhere else...

1 rating

Extremely sad! That is the feeling my 14 yr old son left your store with this afternoon. Today I witnessed quite possibly the worst haircut I’ve ever seen given in my life. I can’t imagine what was going through the stylist’s head but to leave someone’s hair looking like this is extremely unprofessional and completely unbelievable. I don’t even think this can be fixed, we will visit another shop this evening and unfortunately I’m afraid my child will be forced to wear this disaster for the next month .

1 rating

I work in sales and each day am confronted with different scenarios that require patience and often to step back and look at something from a different perspective. I witnessed today at your Sports Clips in McKinney Towne Crossing, probably some of the worst customer service ever. A dad brought his young son in for a haircut and you could tell it was going to be a challenge. He requested that his son be allowed to sit in his lap and the stylist immediately said no as it puts me in danger of cutting myself. So, they got him settled with a sucker and sat him in a big boy chair. Dad was right with him. As soon as she began to wet his hair, he went off like a siren. Scared him and he was done. Dad asked her not to wet his hair and her reply was, “I can’t cut it if it isn’t wet”! Now, I don’t cut hair and not sure how difficult it is to cut a little guys hair but I saw zero compassion or customer service to try to help this dad out. The manager sat there and never tried to help and the stylist, you could tell, was not going to help. Maybe I’m so geared to trying to solve an issue that I didn’t see the whole picture here. Dad left with his son, he was not happy, so I wonder how many people he will tell of his experience today? Seems someone of authority in that shop would have tried to intervene and help or at least offer the dad something for his trouble. Sad to say, but it really did annoy me.

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