Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of McKinney- Town Crossing

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I work in sales and each day am confronted with different scenarios that require patience and often to step back and look at something from a different perspective. I witnessed today at your Sports Clips in McKinney Towne Crossing, probably some of the worst customer service ever. A dad brought his young son in for a haircut and you could tell it was going to be a challenge. He requested that his son be allowed to sit in his lap and the stylist immediately said no as it puts me in danger of cutting myself. So, they got him settled with a sucker and sat him in a big boy chair. Dad was right with him. As soon as she began to wet his hair, he went off like a siren. Scared him and he was done. Dad asked her not to wet his hair and her reply was, “I can’t cut it if it isn’t wet”! Now, I don’t cut hair and not sure how difficult it is to cut a little guys hair but I saw zero compassion or customer service to try to help this dad out. The manager sat there and never tried to help and the stylist, you could tell, was not going to help. Maybe I’m so geared to trying to solve an issue that I didn’t see the whole picture here. Dad left with his son, he was not happy, so I wonder how many people he will tell of his experience today? Seems someone of authority in that shop would have tried to intervene and help or at least offer the dad something for his trouble. Sad to say, but it really did annoy me.

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